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Awards & Testimonials

Champion Canterbury Business Awards 2013

  • CDC Innovation / Technology Award Winner – 2013
    Recognising a breakthrough idea or innovation with potential to transform the business and contribute towards the economic development of Canterbury.
  • Champion Infrastructure Award finalist – 2013
    Recognising smart service providers of infrastructure or utilities in helping the community to thrive and prosper.

Demolition Christchurch Awards

  • General Award, September 2011
  • Heroes Award, Tim Smith – September 2011

International Search and Rescue

  • Honorary Member of United Kingdom International Search and Rescue Team
    for rescue work at the PGC Building site, Christchurch – February 2011

New Zealand Police Appreciation Award

  • For the rescue of 36 persons from the Hotel Grand Chancellor – 22 February 2011

Northwest Christchurch Earthquake Award

  • For recognition of service to the local community – 22 February 2011