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Demolition of Kenton Chambers, Christchurch, 2013.


Smith Crane and Construction has been involved with numerous demolition projects following the Canterbury earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, specialising in deconstruction involving 'cut and crane' techniques.

Some of the major projects that have been successfully completed include the demolition of the 67 metre chimney at Christchurch Hospital, the 18-storey Clarendon Tower office block on Oxford Terrace involving five months of strengthening to make it safe and stable before it could be safely demolished, and the demolition of the Southern Blood Testing Laboratory which was a bio-hazard-contaminated site where the demolition crew were able to retrieve a multi-million-dollar specialist blood analyser.

The Civil Engineering division of Smith Crane and Construction takes pride in their work and understands the health and safety processes involved with demolishing a building; they work hard to achieve the desired outcome for the client, to a high standard and on schedule.