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The Smith Crane & Construction Casagrande C60 Kelly bar screw piling plant, capable of 100m deep and 55t/m torque.

Piling and foundations

The Civil Engineering division at Smith Crane and Construction have undertaken all forms of piling and foundations. The specialise in three major categories: building foundations, structures foundations and marine piling.

Some of the techniques and types of piles that can be achieved are as follows:

Building Foundations

  • Driven timber poles
  • Driven 'H' sections
  • Screw piles up to 900mm
  • Bottom driven closed tubes
  • Stone columns
  • Bored concrete piles

Structure Foundations

  • Driven casings, excavated and concrete filled
  • Driven 'H' sections
  • Bottom driven closed tubes

Marine Piling

  • Driven casing, excavated and concrete filled
  • Driven 'H' section
  • Driven timber piles
  • Bottom driven closed tubes