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11 October 2017

‘Panels Fit for a King’

The wall, situated on Davis Road, Cust, is made-up of 15 precast wall panels, forming the main structural bracing wall, incorporating both the exterior and interior surface of a residential house. Roofing trusses, beams etc. are all coming off the wall.

The panels were cast as precast wall panels, with thermomass insulation incorporated into them, as the interior surface is to remain as unlined /unpainted concrete. The largest panel measures 4.00 wide x 5.120 high, weighing in at 12.2 ton, and the smallest panel 1.400 wide x 5.120 high, weighing in at 4.3 ton.

Manufacture of the wall panels was undertaken at our Precast Yard on Johns Road, Christchurch. They were transported to site in specialised panel trailers and erection was undertaken by our Crane Department, with assistance of sub-contractors (Strongline Projects)

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