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Past projects

Clarendon Tower demolition

2012 – Christchurch


Deconstruction of the 21 storey Clarendon Tower building, situated in the Christchurch Red Zone.

This building was extensively damaged by the earthquakes and aftershocks of September 2010 and Feburary 2011. The structural connections between the floor and beams were critically compromised; the cut-and-crane method was deemed the only safe option of deconstruction.

This project involved single crane lifts of concrete segments up to 60 tonnes each.

Cranes and equipment used for this project were:

- 550T lattice boom mobile with 56m main + 49m luffing jib with a SWL of 113 tonnes and a tip height of 110m

- 12T luffing jib tower crane with a 40m jib and freestanding slew ring height of 65m

- 100T crawler crane with 50m and 15m fly jib

- 300T mobile crane with luffing Jib

- 2T construction hoist for access to the levels due to severly damaged stairshaft

- Purpose-built access platforms for tennant effects retrieval