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Smith Heavy Haulage operates an array of modern, sophisticated, purpose-built and specific-needs transportation trailers that are available to its clients throughout New Zealand.

Low bed trailers

All low bed trailers have a minimum deck height of 1.0m

4 rows, 8 widener (3.1 to 4.5)

  • 56 ton capacity 4 rows
  • 78 ton capacity 4 rows and dolly

3 rows, 8 widener x2 (2.5 to 4.5)

  • 47 ton capacity 3 rows
  • 68 ton capacity 3 rows and dolly

3 rows, 8 fixed 3.05 wide

  • 47 ton capacity 3 rows
  • 68 ton capacity 3 rows and dolly

Panel trailers

2 of 4 rows of 4 Tromboning

  • 30 ton capacity
  • Hydraulic adjusting suspension from 0.9 to 1.4 meters

2 x MTE panel trailers

  • Panel ride height 350mm

1 x TMC 4-axle panel trailer

  • Panel ride height 600mm

1 x TMC 3 axle panel trailer


Trombone trailers

4-axle Step deck

  • 16m bottom deck legnth
  • 1.0m deck height

2 x 3-axle Semi Trombone trailer

  • 1.5m deck height
  • 12.5m to 19m deck length
  • Loads up to 28m

House trailers

1 x TRT 3-axle house trailer

  • 1.0m deck height
  • 12.0m to 19.0m deck length
  • 2.8m max deck height
  • Loads up to 35m

Specialist trailers

Smith Heavy Haulage offer specialist trailers can be set up and modified for transporting various loads, with purpose-built jigs and transport frames which are configurable to suit any load.

Specialist trailers are available with hydraulic height, leveling and steering systems to assist in loading, delivering and placement of loads.

Smith Heavy Haulage also offer various Quads, B trains, Semis and Jinnkers.