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Smith Crane and Construction provides a wide range of heavy haulage services to our clients with an innovative design approach, including:

  • Over-dimensional transportation
  • Over-weight transportation
  • Industry solutions
  • Specific needs requirements
  • Logistics

We offer:

  • Fully certified pilot vehicles
  • Regular shipping interface
  • Vast experience in all appropriate permits
  • Class one, two and BESS accredited pilots
  • Optimum safety standards in all jobs
  • Motivated, skilled and knowledgeable staff

Our company operates a stringent training program that ensures our staff are up-to-date with all appropriate licensing and accreditations. We therefore offer our clients operators with the correct knowledge and ability for the work required.

Smith Heavy Haulage can offer advice on any heavy haulage project. Our years of service and experience have gained the company a high degree of knowledge that benefits our clients.

We strive to provide solutions to any heavy haulage requirements within New Zealand, no matter what the location or logistical demands. We offer staff fully-trained in permitting, local authority, movement restrictions and regulations, including over-height and over-weight transport, and bridge structure supervision.

We use computer and satellite mapping systems to integrate the entire route with permits into an easy-to-follow package for our drivers to follow. This reduces guess work and allows them to concentrate on their driving.

Our highly qualified transportation staff come from backgrounds of various trades, structural engineers, A-grade mechanics, builders, plus highly-experienced drivers – some with over 30 years' experience in the heavy haulage trade. We regularly encase this experience together on the road to form a transportation team that works well in overcoming any problem that may be encountered along the way.